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Arkansas News & Announcements
DHS Employees Stage Protest:
CLIP Bonus Update:

RIF Wrath: Union Complaint at DHS:

Victory! A Summary of the Arkansas Paycheck Snarls and How Local 100 Won for Our Members:

Companies Will Go Easy in Check Snarl

Late Checks from State Bring Understanding from Banks, Utilities:

Third Time’s a Charm for State Payroll System:

Governor Meets with Workers Eyeing Payday Problems:

Letter to Gov. Huckabee:

State Workers Stage Rally on Late Checks:
More Computer Blues: Letter to Gov. Huckabee:

Computer Blues for Arkansas State Employees:

AR Health First Proposal

State Employees Below the Poverty Level

Arkansas Needs A Raise

Phillips Family Law

New Member Orientation.
Saturday, December 21st, 10 am at 2101 Main Street in Little Rock.
Come and learn how you can use numbers to press for and win changes on issues including a Voice at Work, fair wages, and affordable health insurance.

Arkansas Wins! Read about our victories for our members in Arkansas.

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A new regular feature on the Arkansas page. A short update from Local 100’s Arkansas office on developing issues that are important to our Arkansas members.

Our State Director is on a well-earned vacation after the elections, but stay tuned to this page to find out about our wins in November. Meanwhile, you can click here to read your comments about the CLIP program that we received.

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